Movement is inherent to life — so long as you are alive, you are on your fitness journey and you cannot fail it. • Fitness is about caring for your health, and your health is mental and emotional as well as physical. • Your progress is dictated on direction, not perfection.

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I created this sweatshirt as a very special and personal declaration to help “spread the news” of my mission of Redefining Fitness and living from self-love. On the back is a compilation of moments from the podcast— truths I’ve shared and lessons I’ve learnt that have changed my life for the better, and resonated with you. We are doing this work together.

• We can no longer allow our efforts in exercise or nutrition to be detrimental to our mental health — Your mental health matters the very most.

• The way that I viewed myself, spoke to myself, and treated myself — that is where the problem was. There was nothing ever wrong with my body • We need to stop being ashamed or afraid of our vulnerability and our struggles — they have always been our strength.

In the spirit of protecting the organic and authentic nature of the podcast, in lieu of ads or sponsorship, I have decided to fund production through creating community merch that is empowering, statement making, MEANINGFUL, and of course— comfy and cozy. Purchasing a sweatshirt is directly supporting the production and continuation of the podcast, and I cannot thank you enough.

• Self-Love is not a box to check, it is not a destination you arrive at — it is not about gaining or achieving self-love — it is about remembering how to live from it. • The moments you feel your weakest — revere yourself the highest. I will no longer let the opinions of others dictate my life. • Our world and our whole life view is predicated upon what is in our minds. • Our perspective of our own selves, shapes our perspective of the world. • There is a lot in life that we don’t get to control, it is so imperative that we pour our efforts into what we can — so that when something comes that is so heavy, and when the waves of life crash upon you, you have a foundation there. One that is positive, and peaceful, and steady. • We are not born hating our bodies, feeling like we’re not good enough, and that we will never measure up — no. Self-love is innate. It is self-loathing that is learned. • No matter what you believe in, you cannot afford to not believe in yourself. • Awareness: you do not need to believe everything that you think. Give yourself grace and redirect your thoughts.

• HUMAN BODIES ARE NOT STATUES. • Make sure your goals are anchored in a mindset of abundance. • You deserve a life of joy, simply because you are alive. you deserve all the love that you sometimes withstand or resist people giving to you. • Shaming yourself for struggling is shame just the same — we no longer play that game. • How do you start to love yourself? By treating yourself with love. You cannot hate, criticize, or punish your way into self love. • Vulnerability brings connection, and connection brings healing.

• Your worth does not and can not fluctuate with your (or anyone else’s) ability (or inability) to see it. It is absolute. • It is not mutually exclusive to struggle or to thrive. • The foundational key to a healthy diet is having a healthy mental relationship with food. • Nutrition is individual. • Nothing you could have eaten is as unhealthy for you as shaming yourself for eating.• What are you going to give yourself more of?


Join Kelsey as she dives head first into the things that really matter— the podcast is her medium to freely speak to her own experiences and learnings (both personal and professional), face the tough topics, and answer your questions in an unedited and deeply authentic way. Like listening to a long voice memo from your best friend.

• You are uniquely you, and someone else’s beauty does not and can not take away from your own. • Stop holding yourself and your body to a past version of you, as if you have not grown and changed through all of the life you’ve lived and all of the things you’ve been through. • It is not me versus them, but it’s not me versus me either. It is me FOR me. • Positive thinking with awareness, validation, and grace for all of your feelings and what you’re going through, is crucial. • Shaming yourself for feeling is un-productive to your healing. • Life is not really about growing up — it’s a continuous journey of living with authenticity, leaning into vulnerability, allowing the un-learning, and simultaneously growing IN to your truer self. • Age is not something to fear but something to honor, because every single moment of this life is truly a gift and growing older is a privilege. • We empower ourselves first and in turn we can empower the world. • Wherever you are at in your life’s journey it is never too late to live, to really live, to learn and to change and to deepen, and to undo and to blossom into the truest you.